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Ocean Education Store
Ocean Education is the first platform in Hong Kong that integrates the creation, management, and trading of teaching materials, interactive teaching and evaluation of learning outcome. It aims at applying information technology into teaching process. It uses open and innovative methods to make various existing learning materials into a systematic scheme, which will provide students with the most advanced and enjoyable online-study experience ever.
Features of Ocean Education Store
  • Use cloud computing technologies to conduct easy and unified E-learning
  • Easy creation and management of multi-media teaching materials
  • Provides diverse learning platform which enriches students’ learning experience
  • The trading platform offers interdisciplinary teaching materials and practices with online payment system
  • Keeps track of students’ academic abilities and learning outcome, and generates practice suggestions and advancement training accordingly
  • Auto-evaluation system, which enables users to set customized assessment criteria
  • Self-designed learning procedures and question tagging
  • Analysis of academic performance, including average score, grand average, maximum, minimum and standard deviation
  • Diversified achievement-recognition system, which raises students’ interests
  • Hong Kong’s leading scientific achievement- the system functions well with flash animation, draggable questions, interactive games, videos, audios, texts, internet access, graphs and multi-media player
  • Self-made question bank, which may include multiple choice, blank-filling, matching and true or false questions
  • Supports the existing files of MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, etc